PubSubHubbub for SEO on WordPress

If you landed on this page, you probably have an idea on what PubSubHubbub. Relevant to a WordPress blog, implementing PubSubHubbub pinging can help get your WordPress posts indexed by Google quicker.

Basically, there are two steps, and one optional step.

And you can optionally sign up for Superfeedr to create your own ‘hub’. This allows you to see who has subscribed to your feed, and analytics on the number of subscriptions, number of notifications sent, and number of times you pinged your hub.

PlayStation Remote Play Error CE-35398-8

I was excited to try the new PlayStation remote play feature to PCs and Macs, but immediately ran into the error CE-35398-8. The automatic connection failed, as did the manual connection. The remote play app had the message “Cannot register the PS4”. The PS4 had a pop up with the error code CE-35398-8.

I was attempting to get this working on a 2015 Macbook Pro. It turns out a simple reboot of the Macbook made the error go away, and the PlayStation and remote play app were able to sync up.

Looking around online, it seems many encountered this issue, and rebooting the Mac fixed it.